Pledge Loans – What are they?


Title loans are those that must deliver a garment (a commodity) as collateral for loan. There are many goods or objects that are usually used as a pledge, from a vehicle or a home to valuable jewelry.

The entity that grants you the loan has at its disposal an expert who evaluates the value of that pledge, establishing the amount that can be lent to the client.

If, in your case, you agree with what they offer you, the loanor entity will draw up the pledge contract with the detailed description and all the conditions.

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Pledge loans: how they work

Make sure you sign knowing what you sign and ask any questions you have. It is essential to know well the conditions, interests, additional expenses and commissions of the entity that provides the loan. In this type of loans, the conditions are usually demanding

Knowing the product well is important. That’s why you should be clear about a series of aspects:

  • Object pledged in the debtor’s possession . The good, until the return of the amount, is in the hands of the applicant of the loan.
  • Limited use . Its use is limited, however, to what the parties specify by contract.
  • Of course, the debtor is obliged to keep that good or pledge in good condition and can not sell it.
  • Cancellation of pledge . When the loan is canceled and finalized, we must ask the loanor to cancel the pledge to make effective his possession.
  • And if it is not returned? If the debt is not paid, the loanor can sell the good that has served as a pledge and thus obtain the appropriate amount plus interest.

In this type of loan the French amortization system is used. It is a system of amortization of fixed installments, which means that each month a financial institution receives the interest based on the capital that remains to be amortized. That’s why a mortgage pays more interest at the beginning than at the end of the loan period.

Image result for pledge on loanWhat alternatives are there to the pledge loans?

You have to take into account, at the time of requesting a loan, what is your financial profile , because depending on it it is advisable to bet on one or the other type of loan. Why? Depending on your current financial situation, you may benefit from one or the other. If your current economic situation is complicated and if you do not have much knowledge about financial products, personal loans may be a good option for you.

That is, the pledge loans are subject to a series of conditions. The first is that you wear clothes. You are pawning That is, you are risking a good that you already have in exchange for money that you may not get back due to the high interest you will have to pay at the beginning of the loan repayment period.

An alternative to the pledge loans are the personal loans by a series of aspects:

  • Free availability: Personal loans can be obtained at any time and instantly and we can do with them what we consider appropriate.
  • It does not require that any guarantee be presented . In the case of pledge loans the conditions are more complex and may vary and we will not have the right to make any type of purchase with them. That is to say, personal loans can be acquired easily and quickly , while for a pledge loan you must offer a series of guarantees such as, for example, the repayment terms or specific requirements with respect to our constant income. This, in turn, must be directly related to the fee to be paid as determined by the loanor entity.

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