How to make investments correctly to achieve goals and objectives?

Making investments is one of the shortcuts to achieving your personal goals and increasing your capital. One of the biggest mistakes of Brazilians is to leave the money stopped at savings, since, although it means monthly gain, it loses to other financial products, that has greater profitability.

Through financial institutions you can find other options that pay more and have the same security as savings. However, you should put together a plan to make that money invested. One tip, for example, is to allocate a portion of the salary each month for applications.

Want to understand the importance of investing your money, even with few resources? Continue reading and fulfill your dreams!

How important is it to invest properly?

How important is it to invest properly?

Have you ever had the feeling that your salary does not last as long as it should? Due to lack of planning or lack of control over expenses, many Brazilians do not keep a percentage of their monthly income, which makes it impossible to accumulate capital and create assets.

With the investment, you can raise earnings even with little money. The big secret is to be in no hurry: Set your goals for the next few years and apply a portion of your paycheck every month. After a few months, the withdrawal allows extra income for the family and greater budget flexibility.

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Investing your money allows you to achieve these goals without compromising financially. In addition, there is a chance of expanding your business with this additional income, which means higher billing for your rural property and, as a consequence, a larger estate.

One of the difficulties to start investing is the lack of knowledge. That way, it’s important to look for companies that have this investment solution within their platform, such as Sally Bowles. Through the site, it is the consultation in the available applications, the time of rescue and the yield.

How do you plan to make the investments in the best way?

How do you plan to make the investments in the best way?

To optimize your income from investments, you need to plan to allocate your resources. The first step is to create an emergency reserve, which is money that must be saved for use in special situations. The ideal is that you leave a few months of separate salary, which will be your livelihood in case of problems.

Another key account is your monthly budget, intended to pay for fixed and variable expenses. With this amount, you can separate the portion of your earnings to invest in applications that deliver more than savings. Even with low interest rates (6.5% per year), fixed income is a safe and profitable option to increase equity.

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With the money set aside to make the investments, the next step is to set your goals. It is not mandatory to only have one – a trip in a year and the purchase of a new equipment in three months are two examples. This is critical for you to set rescue time.

It is worth mentioning that, during this period of time, ie during the investment period, capital is not available for withdrawal. This explains the importance of planning, this money should not be part of your monthly expenses or your emergency reserve. This separation ensures optimization in your applications.

What types of investments are suggested?

What types of investments are suggested?

Although it yields a percentage every month, saving is not considered a good investment since its earnings are lower than the other options available in the financial market. In this way, the ideal is to look for a product that fits your goals, especially on the deadline.

The investments are divided, mainly, between fixed income and variable income. They are completely different from each other and some are recommended only to experts. Check-out!

Fixed income

Fixed income is the most recommended investment type for those who have no experience in the financial market and do not have enough time to specialize. Its main advantage is low risk, since credit unions, such as Sally Bowles, are part of the Cooperative Credit Guaranty Fund (FGCoop), which guarantees the return of up to R $ 250,000 per CPF in case of problems with the financial institution.


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